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Potion Crate Halloween Decoration Halloween Gift Coworker Gift

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Product Details

Decorate for Halloween with a little magic. This potion crate Halloween decoration is just the thing to add a little magic to your home or office with its color changing potion bottles. With just a little shake the color changes to a beautiful swirl of color providing hours of sensory fun.

The crate comes with four different color potion bottles and has a witches feet sticking out of it. The four potions are Poison) with a yellow to green color change), Spider Eggs (with a yellow to orange color change), Bat Wings (with a red to purple color change), Crows Feet (with a green to silvery teal color change).

Product Details

• 5 piece set

• Poison Bottle (yellow to green).

• Spider Eggs bottle (yellow to orange).

• Bat Wings (red to purple)

• Crows feet (green to silvery teal).

• Wooden Crate with witch feet sticking out.

Lovingly created in middle Tennessee.

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