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5 Easy Southern Fall Décor DIY's

Well, hello there, darlin'! It's me, Juli, back again to bring you 5 easy Southern fall DIY's for your home décor. Now, y'all know that Southern charm is all about adding a touch of elegance and a whole lot of style. So, let's dive right into these delightful projects that will bring that authentic Southern flair to your space. Get ready to channel your inner belle and let the creativity flow!

Southern Fall DIY Decor

1. Mason Jar Floral Arrangement: Oh honey, nothing says Southern charm like a beautiful floral arrangement. Grab yourself some mason jars, fresh or artificial flowers, and a touch of greenery. Arrange the flowers and greenery in the mason jars, painting the jars or just tying a rustic bow around the neck for that extra Southern touch. Place these charming floral arrangements on your dining table or mantle, and watch as they bring a burst of color and fragrance to your home.

Fall Mason Jar Floral Arrangement

2. Beaded Garland: Now, darlin', let's add a touch of sparkle to your space with a beaded garland. Get yourself some beads in warm, earthy tones like gold, bronze, and amber or colorful reds and greens. String them together, alternating sizes and colors, to create a beautiful garland. Add an apple, pumpkin, or maple leaf medallion on the end for an extra touch of pizazz. Drape it on your fireplace mantel, tiered tray, or dangle it from a bookshelf to add a touch of Southern elegance and a hint of shimmer to any room.

Beaded apple garland

Fall-inspired Tablescape: When autumn rolls around, it's time to embrace those cozy vibes and create a stunning tablescape that captures the essence of the season. Gather some pumpkins in different sizes and colors, along with a bunch of vibrant fall leaves. Arrange them artfully on a burlap runner or a rustic wooden tray as your centerpiece. Add some candles in mason jars or lanterns for a warm glow. Your guests will be in awe of your Southern hospitality and your eye for seasonal beauty.

Fall Pumpkin and leaves Table Scape

Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders: Oh, darlin', let's add a personal touch to your fall table with these adorable mini pumpkin place card holders. Take some small pumpkins, paint them in warm autumn hues like orange, gold, or even a touch of copper. Once they're dry, carefully slice a slit across the top and insert a small card with your guest's name. You can also glue the card to a toothpick and poke it in the top of your pumpkin. These charming place card holders will make your guests feel extra special and add a dash of Southern flair to your table.

Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders

Mason Jar Candle Holder: Honey, we can't forget the importance of mood lighting in creating that Southern ambiance. Grab yourself some mason jars, place a candle inside, and wrap twine or burlap around the neck for a rustic touch. You can even embellish them with lace, ribbons, or decoupage some leaves on them for an extra touch of fall Southern charm. Hang them or add them to your fall table. Light up these candle holders in the evenings, and let their warm glow fill your space with that cozy, Southern glow.

Mason Jar Candle Holder

There you have it, darlin'—five delightful DIY projects to infuse your home with that authentic Southern charm. Whether it's the elegance of a mason jar floral arrangement or the cozy charm of mini pumpkin place card holders, these projects will transform your space into a Southern belle's dream. For added charm incorporate all 5 projects into your table scape for the ultimate fall entertaining experience! So put on your craftin' apron, grab your glue gun, and let your creativity run wild. Your home will soon be the epitome of Southern style and grace.


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