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A Celebration of the Mamas in Our Lives

We have been truly blessed with the mother figures in our lives that have helped shape who we are. These wonderful women taught us so much through the years. All but one have passed but their legacy and love remain alive in our hearts and in our craft that we instill in the next generation.

We'll start off with the grandmothers.

Grandma Lee

My (Juli) maternal Grandmother, better known as gram, was an amazing woman. I have so many childhood memories including, but not limited to, helping her bake, garden, and going on picnics. We had matching aprons that we wore when we were in the kitchen and she made sure that I was involved in the baking process. We spent time outside in the garden planting and watering our small crop. She took my garden hose shenanigans in stride even though she usually ended up soaked in the end. We loved to go on picnics by the river and feed the squirrels.

She absolutely adored my two oldest boys and did what all great-grandmothers do, spoiled them rotten. She loved butterflies and watching them flit around. I can only hope to aspire to be as good a grandmother as she was. I love cooking and crafting with my granddaughters and teaching them as I was taught.

When she had her stroke in 2010, I brought her home to live with me so I could care for her as she always cared for me when I was sick. We had some rough times and we had some good times before she passed in November that same year. She is truly missed but she lives on in my heart and memories.

Oh, what a wonderful spitfire of a woman! I (Dee Dee), didn't get the privilege knowing her long, unfortunately but let me tell you...she left a lasting memory in my heart and mind. I met her when Juli brought her home to take care of her. She was so kind and genteel, on the surface but boy she had a FIRE about her that came through in a quickness. Everyone called her Gram, as Juli has previously mentioned, so that is what I called her as well. I was staying with Juli at that point as my husband had taken a new driving job and I couldn't be with him. I helped her with Gram where I could. I never really knew her name until this one afternoon....I guess Gram had just been having a bad day as we all do from time to time. For the life of me, I can't remember who, but someone called her Gram and she snapped, LOL. She said, "I have a name, you know"!!! (In a rather Loud Tone). This took us all by surprise but especially me. I immediately stopped what I was doing and went to her. I said, "I'm so sorry if I have offended you. I honestly don't your name, but if you tell me what it is I will call you by it from now on". She looked at me with such Love and said. "No, you can call me Gram". My heart melted!

Grandma Viva

My (Juli) Grandma Vi was my paternal grandmother. I spent part of my summers with her. She live in Illinois and my cousins lived in Indiana so we would all end up at grandma's house together for part of the summer. We spent time playing games, taking walks, cooking, and shopping. She was a God fearing woman and it was mandatory to attend church on Sundays while we were there. None of us minded going though. Since she lived so far away I didn't get to spend a lot of time with her. I remember as a child getting handmade clothes every birthday and Christmas because she loved to sew and poured tons of love into everything she made for her grandchildren. She made my first wedding dress that added to the special memories of that day.

As all of us grew up and had children of our own she continued the tradition of hosting the great-grandchildren at her home at times during the summer. My son Richard loved spending time there playing games and quilting or crocheting with her. He now has a plethora of quilts he made with her that are wonderful memories.

Grandma Jady

This wonderful woman came into my (Juli) life when I met my first husband. Another God fearing woman that was full of love for her family. She too was a seamstress. She also crocheted, knitted, and made unique sweaters on her knitting machine. We spent every Sunday as a family for a family dinner and game night. Don't let that sweet face fool ya, she was competitive when it came to games. I always enjoyed sitting and listening to her stories of family. She is missed but we know she is looking out for us and she too lives on in our hearts and memories.

This lovely woman has left several wonderful memories in my (Dee Dee) mind and heart, Grandma Jady, boy was she a Spirit filled lady! I could just sit and listen to her talk about her youth, places she had been and things she had seen and done for hours...and I did on several occasions. She will always hold a special place in my heart as she made me feel loved and appreciated, as if I was hers...even if not by blood!

Juli's Mom

The amazing woman that gave me life. I can't count all the sacrifices that she made for me through the years. Looking back now she must have been superwoman. Crafting was in her blood. I can't count the different crafts she found enjoyment in. I guess that is where I get my multi-talent in the craft area from. I will always cherish the quilt I made with her. She loved to sew, cross stitch, and do stained glass among other crafts. She also loved butterflies. This is why we will always have a butterfly in our branding.

This lovely woman, although I (Dee Dee) was never Blessed to meet her...I am extremely thankful for her. She gave birth not only to my business partner but my sister from another mister. Juli and I met and became fast friends nearly 22 years ago. I am thankful every single day of those years and wouldn't have had any of them if it had not been for this Beautiful woman.

This Lovely woman is my (Dee Dee) mother, Janet...affectionately know by most as Mawga. She was my 1st best friend! I have so many fond memories of her and I as we were SO close. I am happy to say that I favor her in almost every way. Although she was not a crafty woman, boy could she cook! I remember when I was very young standing behind her just watching her every move in the kitchen. She never actually "taught" me to cook, per say but everything I know about cooking I learned at her side. She raised my sister and I as a single mom from the time I was 12 so I had to step up and help out A LOT. I became a mini mom at the age of 13, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of my little sister. I know that helped shape the Woman that I am today and I am thankful to this Beautiful Woman for ALL that she taught me....Most of all, how to be kind and to love people because it costs us nothing to do so and will come back to us as so much more than we gave! I miss her greatly, as well as several other of the fore mentioned women in this Blog that I have been Blessed to be called part of their family!

This woman came into my (Juli) life when I moved to Tennessee in 1998. After my mother passed in 1997, I decided to move closer to my father. I wasn't here two weeks and I had already become one of her own. She had a special talent for recognizing lost souls. She somehow knew that I needed a mother figure in my life. She took me under her wing and looked after me like one of her own. I lost another piece of my heart when her time came. She is greatly loved and missed.

Mom Nancy

This woman became a part of my (Juli) life when I met my first husband. She quickly accepted me as one of her own. I love crafting with her and listening to her stories of her youth and of her children growing up. Her last pregnancy ended in a stillbirth and that baby was named Julie. She has always said that the Lord brought me to her so she still had her Julie. We have been through some great times and some sad times. The strength of this woman amazes me. She has survived her husband, mother, and three of her children. Even though my first husband and I were divorced we mourned his loss together because he and I had found a great friendship over the years. She never once stopped looking at me as one of her own.

Well, what can I (Dee Dee) say about this lovely God fearing woman? She came into my life several years ago and she decided I was worth keeping so she adopted me as one of hers, LOL. She is so talented and like Juli said, she has some great stories. I am very thankful to her for many reasons but several of them she calls her children. Without her and her loving heart I would never have met Jerri Lynn, Leigh, Kenn, or Dave, all of which have touched me in someway special. And had she not had these children I may not be here to type these words today because her eldest daughter saved my in turn, so did she. Because without her, Jerri wouldn't be here (Love ya, sis). Thank you Mom, for excepting me just as I am and loving all of me...even the loud and sometimes rude parts. Love you!

These lovely ladies have all played a significant roll in shaping us into the women we are today. We celebrate each and every one of them.

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