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A Handmade Christmas

This year has been challenging for many as we adjusted to living life during a pandemic. Small online businesses like ours were given the opportunity to shine as people shopped more online, with a focus on more meaningful gifts this year.

Handmade gifts are something I have done in the past out of necessity. Without realizing it, I created a tradition for my family. As my circumstances have improved, I still find myself giving the gift of handmade. This year I made or bought from handmade sellers for the most part. I also had the pleasure of working with my granddaughters and helping them make special and meaningful gifts. What special bonding moments and memories I created with them. Long after the gifts are forgotten those memories will live on.

We started out this season making a floral arrangement for Avery's teacher. I am constantly impressed with her eye for detail. She has been crafting with me since she was 4 years old and has always had a natural talent.

We decided to try something new for the gift baskets this year. I made soaps, candles, and body sprays. We decided it would be cool to add bath bombs to the baskets this year. I think with a little more practice we'll have it down.

I think these two did a phenomenal job on This and they worked together so well. Little Addie is really developing her skill as well. I'm so proud of these two little crafters. I truly hope they carry on the tradition of handmade gifts.

I made them their own craft boxes with their own supplies for Christmas. Chocked full of everything a little crafter needs to unlock their imagination. I ordered them aprons to wear when crafting from Colorful Creations. This little shop has all kinds of fun things for kids and some adult items as well. She carries children's clothes, doll clothes, aprons, and more. I loved theirs so much I went back and ordered one for myself. I can't wait to craft and cook with these two while sporting our aprons!

My son Connor helped convert a wooden cigar box into a gift box for his dad. He created a pattern and made use of my wood burner to create a truly unique gift for his dad. He too is creative, although his creativity leans more toward music he still has creative moments with his hands.

I also bought gifts from other handmade sellers. The beauty of buying handmade is being able to find a unique gift that really speaks to the gift recipient and you're supporting a small business as well. While my family is enjoying the gifts they received, a handmade seller's family is also enjoying what my purchase helped provide.

The sellers I purchased from are members of Flourish. Some were featured on the Shop Artisan Indie Show, a seasonal show that features all handmade gift items from artisans. The show's founder, Sarah Sewell, advocates for and teaches handmade artisans.

I found these cute paintable bath bombs on the Shop Artisan Indie Show. The shop name is Lotus and the Wolf and it is full of beautiful and functional bath and body products. My shopping experience was great and despite the postal service delays, arrived in time for Christmas.

These fun snow globe bath bombs came from Fizzy Fizzy. This shop is full of fun bath products and it's no wonder they are all such fun, the shop owner, Stephaine, is so bubbly and fun. Her fun personality comes out in all her creations. She is local to me here in Tennessee and is just a fun-loving person.

Have you ever wished they made cute shoes for adults to cater to your inner child? Well, Lara, has found a way to make shoes fun for all ages. Best of all, when your child outgrows their shoes you just swap these to the new pair. Lara is a sweet, fun, and kind soul and owner of Mei Mei's Workshop. She creates all kinds of fun things that are sure to please your inner child or the children in your lives.

A docking Station and Guitar Pick Holder

I found these two perfect gifts for my son and the best part is, I could have them personalized. This beautiful guitar pick holder came from Fox Fly Creative. This is such a beautiful little box and my son, a talented musician, loved it. He also likes to have everything organized and in its place so this docking station was a perfect gift for him as well. You can find the docking station at Juhan Made. This shop is full of all kinds of beautiful and interesting wooden creations that make great gifts.

I absolutely love supporting handmade shops and businesses because what I receive is made with love and care. I also know I am helping support an individual that may be helping support their family.

I also want to mention a new handmade platform that I am so proud to be a part of because their mission is just amazing! The founders of this marketplace listen to their sellers and their buyers to make sure everyone has the best possible experience but the best part is they donate 100% of their profits to children's charities. Goimagine has created a win, win, win marketplace. When you make a purchase from a Goimagine seller you are supporting a small business. You are supporting handmade, and you're giving back to the community. Who couldn't get behind that?

So if you are shopping for a gift for Christmas or any other occasion, check out some of the links above and give a handmade seller a chance to make something truly special.

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