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Doing Christmas Handmade Style

I am a huge supporter of doing Christmas handmade style. I either make most of the gifts I give or I purchase from handmade sellers. This Christmas was no different but the reason behind gifting handmade really stood out for me this year. When you buy handmade gifts for Christmas, not only do you support a small business, you have an opportunity to give a gift that will truly be treasured.

This year, just a week before Christmas my niece and her children lost everything when her house was deliberately set on fire. They lost all the sentimental things they had from family members that have passed away through the years. These family members were always her rock when she was going through hard times. The local community has really stepped up and gave her and her children a really great Christmas. The community along with friends, family, and friends of family and friends have also been donating to her Gofundme to help her recover from the devastating loss. They have all shown what Christmas spirit is all about and we all are so very thankful for every donation and prayer.

She lost all the pictures of her momma, granny, papa, dad, and sister. She had some of them on her Facebook which gave me the opportunity to craft some gifts that would help bring her comfort during this difficult time. That is the true magic of gifting handmade. As my niece stated "things are replaceable" but memories will stay with you forever and handmade artisan are experts at bringing those memories to life.

May your Christmas be full of wonderful memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.

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