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Graduation Outside of the Box

Sean's Graduation procession and walk.
My wild and crazy child's graduation!

Thanks to COVID-19 the class of 2020 around the world had to get creative in order to have a graduation.

Tullahoma High School did it Drive-up style. Two cars per graduate drove onto the field and around the track, stopping at the tent for the graduate to get out to get his diploma and a picture at the end. Our local station was broadcasting it live for the family members that couldn't come.

You know the crafty Mom had to make signs.
The students were encouraged to decorate their cars.

.The students for the first time ever were allowed to decorate their hats. My crazy kid decided that he just wanted to wear his horns instead of decorating his hat. (my mother was probably scolding me for allowing this one). It was his day and I let him claim his way.

Strike A Pose!

The graduates' cars were staged in the side parking area until the procession began. We were then directed onto the field.

He knew that sun roof was good for something.
The procession begins.

As we approached the tent where the graduates would walk to get their diploma, we were stopped for the graduate to exit the car then directed forward to where they would re-enter the car.

The Exit!

Sean was then directed into the tent where his name was called and he walked to get his diploma.

This year's graduates missed out on so many of their Senior activities but this community and Tullahoma High School worked together to help make this year memorable and special. We had an "Adopt A Senior" page on Facebook that allowed members of the community to send gifts and goodies to this year's seniors that helped lessen the impact of missing out on Project Graduation. Tullahoma High School's principal went above and beyond to give them a graduation and for that I am thankful.

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