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It's Almost Fall Y'all!

Right now, I’m seeing an uptrend with sunflowers. I have seen so many beautiful pieces of sunflower art. Like this mason jar utensil organizer by Seals Family Woodworks.

Or this beautiful sunflower painting by Nancy Lynch Gallery.

And I just love this rustic sunflower wall art by Little Pie Photo Art

There are so many talented artisans out there with such wonderful creative ideas. I am constantly amazed at some of the ideas that some artisans come up with (myself included sometimes).

Check out this marshmallow mug hat (I didn't even know there were marshmallow mugs) by Shop Whatknots.

I have seen some beautiful wooden signs, fall wreaths, crocheted pumpkins, and wooden pumpkins as well.

Check out these wooden signs by Ernie Made and PNW Farmhouse Design Co.

Pink Door Wreaths has a great selection of fall wreaths as well as wreaths for everyday and holidays.

I love these little crocheted pumpkins from Heads Up Fashion.

There are many choices for wooden pumpkins as well. Here is one from Charmingly Crafted that is really cute and rustic.

Let’s not forget the pumpkin spice everything!

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