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New for the 2022 Holidays

We've had an interesting and productive couple of months. The tiny house that we usually use to craft in has been occupied by my oldest son and his wife so we had to pivot to get ready for the holiday season. Dee Dee had some timeshare points she was about to lose so we used them for craft getaways. We were able to craft for our shows, do some relaxing, and take in a little nature. We really had fun feeding and watching the chipmunks.

We also had a cute surprise one night as I was going out to the car.

We started out with fall and Halloween. Fall is our favorite time of year. The creative juices just start flowing from fall through Christmas.

Halloween Décor

Fall Décor

We're ready for our fall show in Woodbury on the 29th. Dee Dee is baking all kinds of goodies too. We would love to see our local followers this weekend. Mention this blog post for a discount. Keep watch for our Christmas products to drop soon!

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