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The Versatility of The Mason Jar

Hey, Y'all! Dee Dee and I live in the South and there is one thing you will see a lot of here, that's the Mason Jar.

The Mason Jar was invented by John Landis Mason in 1858 for canning and food preservation. The unique feature of the lid band and lid with a rubber seal changed the world. It made it possible to preserve more food from crops and gardens for the winter months. 22 years after his original invention, five brothers formed the Ball Corporation. Ball quickly became a household name as it made canning more accessible to the masses. Learn more history of the Mason Jar here.

Over the years we have found so many uses for mason jars especially here in the South. We use them for home decor, organization, food storage, drinking glasses, and so much more.

The house I grew up in had a chandelier made with mason jars. I thought that was the coolest thing!

This chandelier is more elaborate than what we had .

You will find the mason jar being used by crafters and DIYers everywhere for home decor projects like floral arrangements, luminaries, snow globes, and candles.

Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries
Mason Jar Luminaries for Halloween

Mason Jar Snow Globe
Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

Mason jars are also great for food storage and pantry organization. Photo by Luisa Brimble

Pantry Organization and Food Storage

You can make cute decorated utensil storage with a mason jar or few. Just let your imagination sour! If your not the creative type, check out Etsy for some top-notch creative uses of the mason jar.

Mason Jar Utensil holder and lunch to go.
Picnic Via Mason Jar

They make great eco-friendly containers for your lunch. I've seen so many variations on salad in a jar and they all make me hungry.

Mason Jar Lunch
Doesn't this look yummy!

I've seen crafters use them to organize small craft items by attaching the lids to the bottom of a shelf, thus making use of the top and bottom of their shelves. I wish I could include a photo but I won't use someone else's photo without permission. Check out Pinterest for examples.

They make great little on the go parfait cups. Just layer your favorite fruit, yogurt,, and granola and cap it with the lid and you've got a healthy morning snack.

Mason Jar Parfait Cup.
Parfait on the go.

Who needs pudding cups when you have mason jars handy?

Mason Jar Dessert Cups.
Make your favorite layered dessert in individual mason jars.

Mason jars are great for any gift giving occasion. You can layer dry ingredients in a jar and print out a cute tag with the wet ingredients and instructions for mixing and baking. Put a bow on it and you have a cute little gift. This works for hot chocolate with marshmallows too they can just add hot water and BOOM, hot chocolate complete with mug!

Cookies in a jar
Gifts for Any Occasion

Mason jars are the most versatile in drink ware. You can use them for coffee cups. Hot Coffee Photo by Emily Rose.

Mason Jar Coffee Cup
Hot Coffee.

Mason Jar Latte
Iced Latte

Mason jars are great for smoothies, beer, lemonade, and here in the South they are our favorite sweet tea glass.

They pair well with wine as well. You can even get a little fancy with redneck wine glasses, they perfect stemware here in the South. They're even better when you can get fun quirky sayings on them.

One thing is for sure, here in the South we make the most of mason jars. You can often find us porch sitting sipping our favorite beverage out of a mason jar after an afternoon spent canning our home grown veggies (what the jar was actually designed for).

If you're looking for that perfect mason jar glass with a saying that fits you or some cute home decor and accessories, visit our shop and check out what we have. We are adding new items weekly so sign up for our email list to get notified of new items and exclusive discounts. Don't let the website name confuse you, we are also working on a re-brand. We look forward to hearing from you!

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