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What It Means To Buy Handmade

Your searching online for the perfect gift and you're given several choices from your Google search. Let's say you decide on a set of decoupaged coasters with a quote on it. You find two that are very similar one on Amazon and one on Etsy. Then you notice the price difference. The one on Amazon is less expensive than the one on Etsy. You wonder what the difference is, why the one on Etsy is so much more. When you order from an Etsy seller you are ordering a handmade item. A handmade seller takes pride in their work and products and they put a lot into them to make sure they are of the highest quality. Every handmade item is different even if it's just a tiny difference.

A Collection of Decoupage Art

As handmade artists, we put love into every item we make. You are paying for the idea (that probably hit in the middle of the night), the hours spent perfecting the design, the additional hours spent finding the best technique to implement the design, and the hours spent bringing it all together and creating the finished piece. Our job doesn't end there though, we then have to photograph the finished product (we have likely spent months having to learn photography), we then start setting up our listing with the photo, the description (hours spent learning creative writing), and the tags (a never ending process of learning SEO). We do all of this because we want to provide a high quality unique item. Oh, and I forgot to mention customer service. There is an individual not a corporation behind the scenes that takes every bit of feedback personally because we care about what we put out there and we care about making your purchase special and memorable. A lot of us take extra time and care when packaging up an item to be shipped. We package ours in pretty packaging with a hand written thank you note, and often a small free sample. When you purchase one of our jewelry items you're going to get it in a hand made gift box. These are some of the reasons handmade costs a little more but we care a whole lot more and want you to be happy with your purchase.

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