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After Graduation Family Time

Every year graduation is followed by "Project Graduation" but because of COVID-19 they couldn't do the "Project Graduation". We were actually able to have a family celebration after Sean's graduation.

Parent Pics with the Graduate.

After his graduation walk we all took pictures before we headed to his brother's house for a little family celebration. Billy likes an excuse to be silly sometimes too.

Step-dad Billy Bain and Sean

These two are such an adorable couple. He was at her graduation last year and there's no way anyone could have kept her away from his.

Such A Cute Couple

Seeing their uncle graduate is such an inspiration for these two. I hope it gives them the motivation to succeed in life.

Sean and His Nieces

These two are by far the craziest of my four kids. They can't be serious for long.

Just Hanging Out on Top of the Car With His Brother

This pose started out as a photo bomb by Connor. It'll be his turn next year!

Posing With His Little Brother

Boys will be boys, always playing rough.

Brotherly Shenanigans

The little brother Connor photo bombing Sean and his girlfriend.

Photo Bomb!

We all headed to Richard's house for a family celebration. I see little Avery eyeing the cake.

The Cake Reveal

The boys all played some football and baseball. We don't get to get together very often anymore so it was nice to be able to celebrate together. Sadly, we were missing Amber at this one.

Playing Football At His Brother's House

The Little Monkeys

You can't have a gathering with your four sons without a little boxing going on. At least this was planned sparing instead of real fighting.

Boxing Brothers

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